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Motorola GR500 Repeater

Motorola GR500 Description

Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR500 repeater. It provides the flexibility of frequency bands, power levels, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications.

VHF, UHF, and Cross-band Capabilities are available in this unit. Optional Controllers can be added for enhanced features such as telephone interconnect, multiple PL/DPL codes and signaling.

Motorola GR500 Features

The GR500 has the following features:

• Modular Design - Allows quick field replacement of disabled components.
• Wall-mount, lockable, heavy duty metal case - Provides ability to remote mount the repeater in an unattended yet secure site.
• Supports VHF/UHF Cross-band Operation - Allows UHF and VHF radios users to communicate with each other.
• Internal Mounting Space for additional components - Allows duplexers, preselectors and battery revert modules to be installed internally.
• UL, CSA Approved

Motorola GR500 Applications

The GR500 repeater can be used for a variety of applications.

Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Community & Interconnect Repeaters
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Transportation Operations
  • Rural Police and Fire

Motorola GR500 Models

The GR500 has a 7 Step Ordering Process due to the number
of options available. Please contact one of our communication
consultants to assist you in configuring a GR500 to meet your
specific needs.

All GR500 repeaters include the following:

• Field Programmable
• Support VHF/UHF/Cross-band with multiple frequency operation available
• Internal mounting for Duplexer and Preselctor
• 25W continuous duty
• 40/45 intermittent
• 120/240V, 50/60Hz operation
• UL, CSA, TUV approved
• Integrated battery revert with float maintenance charger
• Compatible with all GR Series controller modules

Motorola GR500 Accessories

Controllers/Add-On Modules
Controllers are required to automatically re-transmit communications. All of the following controllers provide at least basic repeater capabilities. Additional features are described for each controller.

Basic Interface - Provides repeater functionality, remote knock-down/set-up, in/cross band and uni/bi-directional capabilities.

I20R Onsite Repeater - Provides up to 10 PL/DPL single-code or cross-code combinations for multiple group repeater operations, remote knock-down/set-up, in/cross-band and uni/bi- directional capabilities and CWID (Morse code). The I20R also provides battery power alert tones and Radio Service Software programming.

ZR310 Multiple Tone Community Repeater - Adds up to 50 PL and 20 DPL single-code or cross-code combinations and enhanced community repeater operator capabilities.

I50R Basic Interconnect - Adds basic interconnect and remote knock-down and set-up.

ZR340 Advanced Interconnect - Adds advanced interconnect features such as prestored telephone numbers, access/override access codes, dialing restrictions, call timers, direct-air access and CWID.

ZR320 Selective Calling Interconnect - Provides revertive PL/DPL/Quik-Call group or individual selective calling, CWID and advanced interconnect capabilities.

I750R Selective Calling Interconnect - Provides revertive PL/DPL/Quik Call II/MDC-1200 group or individual selective signalling and advanced interconnect capabilities such as prestored telephone numbers, access/override access codes, dialing restrictions, call timers, direct-air access and CWID.

SmarTrunk II - Requires RadiusPort radios to be equipped with SmarTrunk II Advantage Boards. Provides trunked repeater functionality, group calling, individual selective calling, advanced interconnect calling and airtime accumulation capabilities.

TRA100R Tone Remote Adapter - Provides remote knock-down/set-up and tone remote capabilities for remote access and control of repeaters using the MC series tone-remote desksets.

Motorola GR500
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