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MOTOTRBO Data Applications

MOTOTRBO Data Applications

MOTOTRBO™ Integrated Data
Enables Advanced Applications

MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate.
You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as MOTOTRBO Location Services and Text Messaging Services now. And with additional applications coming from Motorola's Application Developer Program, you'll be able to leverage ongoing new capabilities - and get the most from your communications investment.

MOTOTRBO Location Services
Location Services provides the ability to track people and assets, such as vehicles. This advanced approach takes advantage of the GPS modem and receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios, combined with the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application.

GPS-equipped portable and mobile radios can be configured to transmit their geographical coordinates at pre-programmed intervals, on demand and in case of an emergency. MOTOTRBO Location Services software applications provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet activity on a customized, high-resolution, color-coded map. With MOTOTRBO Location Services, you can enjoy the benefits of location tracking with no monthly fees or cumbersome external GPS devices to install and maintain.

MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services
The MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services allows communication between radios and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios. This application allows you to utilize another form of communication for your business - whether its the need for discreet communication or the ability to send quick text messages - enabling you to focus on the business at hand. Furthermore, the dispatcher PC can act as a gateway to email, enabling messaging between email-addressable devices and radios.

Software Applications

Fleet Management

Includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks and provides the ability to track vehicles, plan optimum routes, fuel management, drive management and health and safety. Fleet management is all about improving the efficiency, managing cost, complying with government legislation and more.


Professional Fleet Management with Google™ Earth
hermesTRX is a plug-and-play cost effective real time GPS fleet management system using Google™ Earth as its mapping platform. It is configurable through a built-in Web server to track and manage vehicles, persons, assets and even pets by GPS enabled Motorola Radios. In addition to the location service, a text messaging facility and the processing of telemetry is provided.

» Learn more about hermesTRX

Advanced Messaging and AVL Software for MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System
NeoTerra Systems is a provider of Fleet Management solutions for the MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. neoNytro functionality includes text messaging, location based services, telemetry and automatic registration services.

neoNytro is available in Standalone or Enterprise (Client/Server) versions.

» Learn more about neoNytro

SafeLocator MOTOTRBO is SafeMobile's client-server solution for MOTOTRBO radios. SafeLocator on MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the SafeDispatch software application to the functionality embedded in the radio.

SafeDispatch is the client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer without incurring any monthly fees associated with Web-based applications.

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StreetTrek™ is a software solution for effective real-time tracking of vehicles, people or assets. StreetTrek utilizes popular GSM/GPRS hardware, including Enfora® MT-GL modems, and GPS-capable two-way radio models, including Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series radios. StreetTrek™ runs on its own, with no general-purpose browser like Internet Explorer involved. GPS data can be obtained from a local source or received over the Internet.

» Learn more about StreetTrek

Customer Service Request
Customer satisfaction is an important driver for success in the hospitality markets. CSR applications provide the ability to expedite response and resolution of customer issues, enhance efficiency of personnel responding to requests, generate reports to measure CSR and review operations and work flows and processes and track open issues.


GuestWare Enterprise is a customizable CRM software application designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Hotel management companies can choose to implement some or all of GuestWare's CRM components, allowing flexibility and alignment with one's strategic planning and CRM initiatives.

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HotSOS - Hospitality
Making sure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time is the essence of communication. The power of HotSOS is turning information into communication that hotels can use to optimize service and give guests that "Wow!" experience. Motorola's MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System takes familiar radios and adds a two line text display for data. Together, they are a powerful combination to turbo charge communication at your hotels.

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Synergy MMS

Synergy MMS
SynergyMMS is a leading CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) primarily used in the hospitality industry.

Based on over 25 years of business in hospitality, SynergyMMS is the choice of a number of the world's largest hotel companies and was recently selected as the best choice in an independent side-by-side comparison with 6 other major CMMS products. Why was SynergyMMS chosen as the best?

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Email & Application Gateways

Email & Application Gateways
Bridge the RF environment with the IP world to provide the ability to talk between LAN/WAN networks and radio networks.

Simple Email Gateway
Simple Email Gateway for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series two-way radios allows exchanging emails between MOTOTRBO™ digital radios and any device capable of sending and receiving email. The program will run on any PC with Windrows XP or higher.

» Learn more about Email & Application Gateways

text@trbo™: the simple email middleware
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios text to email gateway

Use your two-way radios to communicate via email!
text@trbo™ is a simple application that allows individual radios to be reached via email. Radios can send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.

» Learn more about text@trbo™

zapMail is an email to text gateway for the MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System.

Features include:

  • Email to Text Gateway
  • Uses standard SMTP and POP services
  • Easy to configure
  • Store and Forward Text Messaging
  • Tested with various Hospitality Management Solutions
  • Text Clients for Distributed Messaging within a User Network
» Learn more about ZapMail

Virtual Dispatch

Provides the ability to extend the functionality and access to radio functions via an IP connection, allowing the users to maintain connectivity from remote locations.

iTalkie Solution

iTalkie™ Solution
iTalkie™ is a groundbreaking solution to painlessly add the efficiency of voice and text communications into your business workflow.

Add walkie-talkie, messaging and phone-like intercom to your mobile computer. iTalkie™ combines the ease of use and deployment of traditional walkie- talkies with the benefits of serverless one-to-one calls and presence!

» Learn more about iTalkie™ Solution

TRBOnet is a complex of the client-server PC-based application developed specially for new digital radio stations MOTOTRBO™.

TRBOnet solution is developed for creation of system of communication, management and monitoring for different organizations or enterprises. As example of its application we can suggest organization of public safety, transport enterprises, municipal services, emergency services, encashment services where besides usual voice radio communication there is necessity of control and detection of location of movable objects and their management, sending of text messages and some additional features (for example, feature, panic button), digital data transfer.

» Learn more about TRBOnet

TurboVUi System
TurboVUi provides remote access to MOTOTRBO radios via IP. Use TurboVUi for simultaneous radio sharing. Not only can users of the shared radio have push-to-talk and listen capabilities, they also can access other radio functions. TurboVUi is also used when you are out of radio range, yet still need to communicate on your talk group, such as: underground or building facilities that prevent radio communications; a home office that is outside the radio system's coverage area; and a temporary travel situation when you are outside the coverage area.

» Learn more about TurboVUi

Hardware Solutions

By utilizing hardware components the functionality of the radios can be enhanced and add additional features.

hermes Man Down

hermes Man Down
The hermesTRX system has been enhanced with an Emergency Man Down and Lone Worker function to provide GPS based Lone-worker Supervision using Google™ Earth as its mapping platform. The hermesTRX Man Down Option Board is designed to be retrofitted into the Motorola range of MOTOTRBO hand portable radios. In the event that an employee becomes injured or falls unconscious a 'man-down' notification is sent immediately to the hermesTRX Dispatch position.

» Learn more about hermes Man Down
LTR / Passport Trunking Option Board

LTR / Passport Trunking Option Board
Scholer Johnson, Inc.
LTR® and PassPort® trunking capability is now available for MOTOTRBO™. With the use of an option board, you can take advantage of the benefi ts of analog trunking and the many capabilities of MOTOTRBO all in one!

» Learn more about LTR / Passport Trunking Option Board
Radio Branch Exchange

Radio Branch Exchange™
The new Radio Branch Exchange™ (RBX) features the ability to expand the reach of unified communications applications to land mobile radio, allowing for a consistent experience for all workers in the field, at home or in the office. The RBX is based on open standards which allows for flexibility when installed as an add-on to an existing IP PBX network or can be robust enough to meet the demands of a next-generation digital workflow intensive operation.

The RBX provides an organization with a healthy alternative to cellular solutions for their mobile work force. While staying connected in any location is paramount, the RBX delivers the same cellular functionality directly to the mobile worker's radio.

» Learn more about Radio Branch Exchange
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