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SMARTNET® / Privacy Plus™ Trunking


Accelerate Performance

MOTOTRBO™ SMARTNET® / Privacy Plus™ANALOG Trunking

Motorola is a company of firsts with a rich heritage of innovation. We continue to invent what’s next. We connect people, we deliver mobility, and we continually work to ensure that technology functions easily at a personal level. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO is the next generation of professional two-way radio communications. It delivers enhanced performance, greater productivity and more value.

You can take advantage of many of the benefits of MOTOTRBO radios now while they help you to prepare for your migration from analog to digital trunking. MOTOTRBO’s scalable digital trunking solutions meet the unique communication needs of your business - ranging from Capacity Plus single-site digital trunking to multi-site, wide area digital trunking in the near future. And when you are ready to migrate to digital technology, these radios will be ready to make the move with only a software upgrade.

MOTOTRBO SMARTNET / Privacy Plus Trunked Radio Capabilities

With MOTOTRBO radios, you can continue to use your analog trunking system today while also taking advantage of many benefits that MOTOTRBO two-way radios bring to your business. Key analog trunking features include:

  • Dual Band - MOTOTRBO analog trunked radios provide operation in both 800 and 900 MHz operation – all in a single radio.
  • Increased Capacity - The MOTOTRBO XPR™ 6580 display portable radio supports up to 20 trunked systems and a maximum of 240 channels or trunked personalities radio wide (16 maximum per zone). The MOTOTRBO XPR 4580 display mobile supports up to 20 trunked systems and a maximum of 240 channels or trunked personalities radio wide (240 maximum per zone).
  • Flexible System Operation - MOTOTRBO analog trunked radios provide functionality in Analog Conventional and Type II 800/900 MHz Privacy Plus™ Enhanced, SMARTNET®, StartSite™, SmartWorks™ and SmartZone™ trunked systems.*
  • Reliable and Flexible Call Features - MOTOTRBO analog trunked radios provide you with remarkable ease of use and exceptional functionality at the touch of a button.

SMARTNET Features *

Call Alert
Private Call
Telephone Interconnect
Emergency Call/Alarm
Busy Queue and Call Back
Recent User Priority
Push-To-Talk ID
Priority Monitor Scan
Dynamic Regrouping
Selective Radio Inhibit


All SMARTNET features, plus
Wide Area Seamless Roaming
RSSI Operation
Preferred Site
Forced Site Search

* Some features need to be supported and enabled in the trunked system.

Preparing for the Future of Digital Trunking

The Digital Difference
Two-way radio has been a successful analog communication solution for generations, and it proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world. But digital technology breaks through to a new level of performance and productivity for your business.

Prepare for the Advantages of Digital Trunking
Digital two-way radios offer several advantages over analog solutions. To name a few:

  • Clearer audio to help assure messages are understood without background noise and static
  • Integrated data applications such as text messaging, GPS-based location tracking, work order ticket management and much more
  • Longer battery life for extended work shifts
  • Increased capacity – twice the number of users for the price of one frequency license

TDMA – The Best Choice
There are two primary digital radio technologies: Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) and Frequency- Division Multiple-Access (FDMA). While both digital technologies provide significant benefits over analog, TDMA is the best choice.

TDMA technology delivers advantages over FDMA

  • Double your capacity per channel with less than half the infrastructure
    TDMA divides your existing channels into two time slots enabling you to double the number of users on your system or utilize data applications without the expense of additional infrastructure. A second call does not require a second repeater, resulting in lower costs for you, as you do not need to purchase, install and maintain additional infrastructure equipment.

  • Double your capacity per channel without the hassle
    Specifically, TDMA divides your existing channels into two time slots so your existing licensed channel capacity is doubled. There is no increased risk of interference, and there is no need for new licenses - simply amend your existing licenses to specify digital. Compatibility with all legacy radios working in 12.5 kHz analog channels is also maintained by TDMA.

  • Longer battery life
    TDMA uses only half of the transmitter’s capacity resulting in longer battery life. During long work shifts or where productivity enhancing data applications place an increased power demand on the radio, this extended battery life is invaluable.

  • Advanced features
    TDMA enables smart control features like "transmit interrupt" that makes it possible to interrupt lower priority communication so critical instructions can be delivered exactly when they’re needed. And to help you maximize your infrastructure investment, TDMA can transmit voice and data on the same channel


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