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MOTOTRBO - GuestWare

When a guest calls regarding a maintenance issue, the call center representative logs the request into GuestWare and then pages the person responsible for resolving the issue. The person receiving the page can view the request along with the room number, guest name and priority. The user then selects an "OK" button to confirm receipt of the message. At that point, the status of the incident in GuestWare is automatically changed to "Dispatched," and the time it was received is recorded. When a task is completed, the person selects the "Finished" button. The incident's status is then changed to "Closed" or "Follow-up." The SmartRunner also allows staff to report problems or request through the device and send them directly into GuestWare, which pages the appropriate runner.

GuestWare Enterprise

Benefit Highlights:

  • Enterprise Customer Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Guest Recognition
  • Enterprise Loyalty Program Management
  • Enterprise Quality Management


GuestWare Enterprise is the most robust commercially ready "non-custom" application for total hotel CRM needs in the industry. Hotel management companies can choose to implement some or all of GuestWare's CRM components, allowing flexibility and alignment with one's strategic planning and CRM initiatives. The software can be implemented as a subscription service or a traditional license and support model in either a centralized or decentralized computing environment (See Technical Requirements).

Enterprise Customer Data Warehouse

Benefit Highlights:

  • Single enterprise view of the customer
  • User-friendly access to profiles and reports
  • Guest contact & correspondence management
  • Data cleansing & address correction
  • Streamlined exception management
  • Automated and manual guest classification
  • PMS independence with 16 PMS interfaces
  • Interfaces with CRS, external e-mail marketing & survey tools

The GuestWare Enterprise data warehouse is the first step and the foundation for implementing many CRM initiatives. GuestWare Enterprise uses architecture similar to that used by all major hotel chains to maintain your most valuable asset - your customers.

Extract and blast marketing approaches can provide short term ROI, but without the architecture GuestWare Enterprise provides, your guest database and your relationships with your guests eventually may deteriorate along with their loyalty.

From targeted relationship marketing, to transparent guest recognition, to full blown loyalty programs, GuestWare Enterprise provides the required closed loop architecture needed to succeed in the long term.

Enterprise Guest Recognition

Benefit Highlights:

  • Customer Web profile signup
  • Guest preference management
  • User-friendly access to profile and preferences
  • Automated property arrivals matching
  • Recognition accountability tracking

GuestWare's Enterprise Guest Recognition allows hotels across the portfolio to recognize repeat guests and efficiently deliver upon personal preferences at every location. GuestWare supports both behind the scenes customer "transparent" recognition and "visible" View a larger image Web profile signup and editing on the company website.

With or without a formal loyalty program, Enterprise Guest Recognition creates a consistent process regardless of PMS, with the most robust preference management and service delivery tool in the industry. GuestWare takes credit for defining and creating the first system to track "Global" and "Local" guest preferences and continues to lead the industry with innovative guest recognition tools.

Our smart design provides segmentation or "tiered" global preference tracking to support companywide standards while providing each property with local flexibility and ease of use. Marketing and operations management can efficiently pull data for analysis and reporting.

Enterprise Loyalty Program Management

Benefit Highlights:

  • Website signup and editing
  • Points, nights or revenue based rewards
  • Customer viewable visit and reward status
  • Reward fulfillment automation

GuestWare Enterprise provides small to mid-size brands or management companies with a cost-effective, integrated tool to implement and manage a formal guest loyalty program. Without View a larger image a fully integrated system such as GuestWare, the commitment to maintain a loyalty program can be daunting and risky in terms of delivering on the expectation.

With GuestWare, hotel companies can implement a program to reward guests who stay frequently without having to be burdened by the complexity and risks associated with custom software development projects. GuestWare Enterprise integrates directly with the company website, hotel PMS and CRS to ensure that the guest is credited with eligible visits. Automated guest classifications can be set up to establish different levels and an automated reward redemption process makes administration easy.

Enterprise Quality Management

Benefit Highlights:
  • Enterprise incident tracking
  • Enterprise incident reporting
  • Executive quality dashboard
  • Multi-property drill down
  • Corporate guest relations

GuestWare Enterprise quality management tools provide corporate and regional managers with access to reports and graphs to summarize incidents (staff- or guest-reported complaints, problems, requests) and maintenance data (PMs and work orders) logged across the portfolio. With a dashboard and point-and-click drill downs, computer novices can easily slice and dice data by brand, region, ownership and property type to help implement and monitor companywide process improvement initiatives.

Valuable data generated by hotels (to improve daily workflow) can be summarized for corporate-wide defect analysis and elimination, capital expenditures, asset management, vendor analysis, productivity and staffing, product and service quality, and overall process improvement.

In addition to high level quality reporting, guest relations personnel can use GuestWare Enterprise to view and enter all guest complaints or incidents. All incidents logged by either property or corporate guest relations are linked to the guest profile. Incidents reported from all properties and guest correspondence is easily viewable with each guest profile.

Please contact us to obtain cost estimates on GuestWare.

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