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MOTOTRBO - hermes Man Down

GPS based Man Down and Lone Worker System for MOTOTRBO™ with Google™ Earth

hermesTRX - GPS based Emergency Lone Worker Supervisory system with Google Earth

The hermesTRX system has been enhanced with an Emergency Man Down and Lone Worker function to provide GPS based Lone-worker Supervision using Google Earth as its mapping platform. The hermesTRX Man Down Option Board is designed to be retrofitted into the Motorola range of MOTOTRBO hand portable radios. In the event that an employee becomes injured or falls unconscious a 'man-down' notification is sent immediately to the hermesTRX Dispatch position.

The hermesTRX man-down board works 'silently' in the background, enabling the user to utilize his mobile radio as normal. Voice calls and data messaging are available just as before, however should the radio be placed at an 'unusual' angle, the radio will emit a pre-warning tone to the user. Should the user not correct the angle of the radio, the radio will automatically send out an emergency alert notification.

To assist the 'search team' in the rescue, the radio will emit an audible tone for the duration of the emergency call to ensure the downed employee is found as quickly as possible. The search team will use the audible tone as a 'beacon' to assist in the search process.

Upon receiving an alert notification, the hermesTRX will display the location of the worker on Google Earth as a RED Icon. Simultaneously, the worker's Icon will change status to RED on the hermesTRX Dispatch position. An audible tone is being played to draw the supervisor's attention to the urgent situation. In addition, the board is fitted with a motion detector. Should the radio be motionless for a pre-determined period of time, an alert will be sent to the hermesTRX Dispatch position warning of a potentially dangerous situation.

The Retrofit kit should only be fitted at an approved Motorola MOTOTRBO workshop. This will ensure the integrity of the IP54 protection class of the radio once the option board has been installed.

The hermes Man Down Option Board comes in two versions: Version 1, which is compatible with hermesTRX, and Version 2, which simply sends an emergency alert to another MOTOTRBO radio or group. With Version 2, there is no interaction with Google Earth, so the location of the "downed" person is unknown.

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