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Professional Fleet Management with Google™ Earth hermesTRX is a plug-and-play cost effective real time GPS fleet management system using Google™ Earth as its mapping platform. It is configurable through a built-in Web server to track and manage vehicles, persons, assets and even pets by GPS enabled Motorola Radios. In addition to the location service, a text messaging facility and the processing of telemetry is provided.

hermesTRX uses the Google™ Earth platform as the GIO to display the location of both portable or mobile devices in real time. Depending on the area, in breathtaking 2D or 3D view. It is an excellent GPS tracking solution for customers worldwide using the Google™ Earth software as its mapping platform. In combination with a next generation MOTOTRBO™ radio system, hermesTRX provides dispatchers with a powerful fleet management system.

The integrated server enables multiple user access as well as text messaging between radios and other devices using a standard Web browser. This provides a cost effective solution to control a fleet where no other client licenses are required. Due to the embedded Web server technique, hermesTRX is an ideal solution for integration into existing IT infrastructures and can be used with Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X clients. This Web-based type of tracking system simply requires either an Intranet/Internet-connected PC for a user to track and manage their assets. Users can access the system from remote locations through an Internet-connected PC, should this be desired.

hermesTRX Main Features:

  • Real-Time GPS based Location Tracking with two-way radio systems
  • GoogleEarth Mapping Platform for worldwide coverage
  • Web-based Text Messaging Service for MOTOTRBO and Tetra
  • Network-based solution with an embedded Web Server
  • ARS Server with dynamic status indication in Google™ Earth

hermesTRX Main Benefits:

  • Compatible with GPS Revert Channel Feature
  • No Subscriber License Fees
  • Recording and Playback up to 31 days
  • Plug-and-Play Hard- and Software package with embedded Web Server
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Overlay API for customized maps
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