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MOTOTRBO - iTalkie™ Solution

iTalkie™ is a groundbreaking solution to painlessly add the efficiency of voice and text communications into your business workflow.

Add walkie-talkie, messaging and phone-like intercom to your mobile computer. iTalkie™ combines the ease of use and deployment of traditional walkie- talkies with the benefits of serverless one-to-one calls and presence!

This P2P solution requires zero setup and configuration and is completely serverless. Just install the application on your PDA and/or PC and you are ready to page and call over your WiFi network. It's that easy!

iTalkie™ answers the specific feedback from vertical markets customers (e.g. warehousing, retail, hospitality, health care and government) that require a quality voice solution, which is easily deployable, maintainable and cost effective.

iTalkie™ delivers excellent and clear audio in real-time. As soon as the PTT button is pressed, other users immediately hear the page. In other solutions that use record-then-send mechanisms, the page is not received until some time after the button is released, thus adding a noticeable delay. During store-and-forward trials we conducted in 2003, customers reported this delay was unbearable. In addition, noise cancelling and other signal processing maintain a clear voice even in loud sites, with better sound reproduction than telephones.

The iTalkie™ solution allows truly converged IP and RF deployments. Private calls from radios are automatically routed to individual dispatchers or clients on IP networks. The presence of aliased radios allows IP users to communicate with voice and text just as easily as using popular voice-enabled instant messaging applications. Radio users can reach cellphone users via SMS through email. Text messages from automated nurse-call applications, emergency alerts, manufacturing equipment or chemical plants can be routed to individual or groups of radio and fixed/mobile users. All voice and text calls can be logged to provide liability protection for even small radio-only deployments. Best of all, the iTalkie™ solution is highly scalable to thousands of clients and gateways and with the finest granularity of any communication solution.

iTalkie™ is cross platform, now! You can run it on PCs as well as on mobile computers to communicate between users that are mobile and at their desk.

As your voice requirements grow, so will the iTalkie™ solution, by enhancing its capabilities with optional gateways that better suit your organization's workflow. The PA gateway is one of such drop-in accessories: connect the sound output of your PC/POS/server to your overhead PA system to hear pages through the site. Need integration with your two-way radios or telephone system? We have solutions for them, too.

A powerful way to integrate voice into daily operations:

  • When you really look into it, it solves 80% of most business' voice requirements
  • The simplest, fastest and cheapest way to add PTT and VoIP without the integration hassles of telephony equipment
  • Makes life easier: carry only one device!

Simple ROI:

  • Not only does it integrate pagers into two-way radios or two-way radios and cordless phones into mobile computers, but it also eliminates the additional associated costs for cradles, spare batteries, belt hookups, etc.
  • One time license cost: no monthly, usage or expensive system "per seat" / "per channel" fees
  • Seamless deployment: install it and use it!

Bridges the best of both walkie-talkies and telephones:

  • Traditional walkie-talkies do not support one-to-one calls
  • Traditional PBX-based PTT solutions do not support one-to-many paging, and when they do, they don't scale well on WLANs

Value added:

  • Easy to deploy and use
  • The voice application most integrated into WinCE/Mobile devices to make it a truly reliable tool
  • Minimum impact on network load
  • Highly programmable for special installations
  • Connect both mobile and fixed users
  • Expansion via accessory gateways and migration path with iFon™'s technology
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