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MOTOTRBO - SafeLocator

SafeLocator MOTOTRBO is SafeMobile's client-server solution for MOTOTRBO radios. SafeLocator on MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the SafeDispatch software application to the functionality embedded in the radio.

SafeDispatch is the client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer without incurring any monthly fees associated with Web-based applications.

Features of SafeDispatch:

SafeDispatch offers 24/7 critical information in real-time about your mobile assets:

  • Speed and heading information
  • Unit status on/off
  • Historical data
  • Telemetry data
  • Polling/immediate location reporting
  • Landmarking
  • Geofencing
  • Alarms
  • Reporting suite

SafeLocator MOTOTRBO features:

  • Real-time location information
  • Text messaging capability
  • Presence notifier service
  • Polling or immediate location reporting
  • Free text messages and status messages
  • Landmarking
  • Geofencing
  • Alarms
  • Reports
  • Speed and heading information
  • Unit status on/off
  • Historical data
  • Microsoft MapPoint or customer supplied raster maps
  • Voice communication
  • Telemetry option

Text Messaging Module
SafeDispatch is enhanced with text messaging capability that allows for SMS communication between the radio and the dispatcher. The dispatcher can send messages to any radio or group of radios and can also receive messages from radios in a dedicated output screen in SafeDispatch.

E-mail Module
The E-mail Module allows radios to send messages to any email address and to receive messages sent from an email address. This function enables the dispatcher to communicate with mobile assets from his computer at home without having to run the SafeDispatch application from his computer.

Voice Dispatch
The enhanced capability of Voice over IP allows the dispatcher to communicate with the drivers directly from SafeDispatch, also enabling the recording and logging ofcalls at the same time.

System Requirements:

  • Required radio hardware: MOTOTRBO R1.4
  • Reqired IP technology: TCP/IP connectivity (LAN,WLAN,VPN)
  • Minimum computer hardware requirements are:
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/Service Pack 2
    • CPU: Intel/AMD 1600 Mhz or greater
    • RAM: 1.0 Gb or greater
    • Hard Drive: 40.0GB or greater
    • Ethernet Card: 10/100 LAN
    • USB: USB 2.0 High Speed,Internet available
  • Required know-how: Basic Computer And Windows System Knowledge

A Must-Have For:

  • Public Safety & Government
  • Corporate & Trucking Fleets
  • Public & Student Transportation
  • Oil & Mining
  • Utilities
  • Taxi, Limo & Hospitality Services

Why SafeDispatch?

Any types of maps: the SafeMobile solution is offered with Google, Microsoft MapPoint, MapInfo maps, and allows for import of customer provided maps.

Any language: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Czech; due to its flexible GUI, SafeDispatch can easily be translated into any language.

Rich in features and capabilities

Highly scalable: SafeDispatch accommodates any size of MOTOTRBO systems within the same interface.

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