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MOTOTRBO - LTR / Passport Trunking Option Board

Scholer Johnson, Inc.

Analog and Digital Operation in a Single Radio The analog trunking option board for MOTOTRBO radios allows current analog LTR® and PassPort® users to purchase MOTOTRBO radios and continue to use analog trunking protocols today. When users are ready, they can then utilize the same MOTOTRBO radio unit to migrate to MOTOTRBO Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital trunking in the future.

By purchasing MOTOTRBO radios with the analog trunking option board, users can take advantage of the many capabilities of MOTOTRBO and be better prepared to migrate from analog today to digital tomorrow.

LTR® and PassPort® Trunking Operation MOTOTRBO subscribers can now operate in the popular Logical Trunked Radio (LTR) signaling protocol, which is widely used primarily by private companies such as taxicabs, utilities, delivery trucks, and repair services.

MOTOTRBO subscribers can now operate in PassPort 4.0 the wide area networked trunking technology that meets the demanding needs of mission critical, business, and industrial users.

The MOTOTRBO analog trunking option board is available in the Classic and Enhanced PassPort protocols.

Factory Installation
Motorola will provide factory installation of the MOTOTRBO analog option boards in VHF and UHF alpha-numeric display models. The MOTOTRBO LTR/Passport option board is not available with option QA00366-IMPRES Li-ion, 1400 mAh, 7.2V, Intrinsically Safe FM Battery at this time.

Designed and Manufactured by Scholer-Johnson, Inc.
Scholer-Johnson, Inc. designed and manufactured the MOTOTRBO option board as part of the Application Developer's Program (ADP) following Motorola's Application Developer's Kit (ADK) whichdescribes the mechanical, electrical, and software specifications for the design of a MOTOTRBO compatible option board.

Scholer-Johnson relied on their vast experience for the design of the MOTOTRBO LTR/Passport option board. Scholer-Johnson has been providing Passport solutions since 1999 and has over 17 years of experience in manufacturing LTR solutions for two-way radios.

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