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Remote Virtual User Interface for MOTOTRBO Professional Two-Way Radios

Communicate on your MOTOTRBO radio system from ANYWHERE

TurboVUi Solo provides remote access to MOTOTRBO radios via IP. Use TurboVUi Solo for simultaneous radio sharing. Not only can users of the shared radio have push-to-talk and listen capabilities, they also can access other radio functions.

TurboVUi Solo is also used for situations when you are out of radio range, yet still need to communicate on your talk group, such as:

  • Underground or building facilities that prevent radio communications
  • A home office that is outside the coverage area of the radio system
  • A temporary travel situation removing you from the coverage area
  • With TurboVUi Solo and an IP connection, users can stay in "radio" contact.

The TurboVUi system consists of the IP Gateway, reseller-provided MOTOTRBO base station, and Client software running on one or more remote PCs.

Simultaneous Radio Sharing
A base station radio is sometimes shared among multiple users. Prior to TurboVUi, this was accomplished with speaker boxes, microphones, push-to-talk switches, and audio junction boxes, plus wiring to bring audio to each workstation. Now, you can simply push to talk.

The TurboVUi Solo system allows each user to run the Client application on their existing PC. No additional audio wiring or installation is required since any IP connection (LAN, WAN, or Internet) is used to transfer audio and data. In addition, the user not only gets talk and listen capabilities, but all other MOTOTRBO radio functions such as:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Alert
  • Emergency Call

Centralized Remote Monitoring
An organization often wishes to monitor its radio channels located in many different remote locations from a central site. Using the Internet to connect sites worldwide, TurboVUi can provide the necessary link to allow security or administrative staff to remotely communicate with a distant workforce.

TurboVUi IP Gateway
The TurboVUi IP Gateway provides the hardware interface between a MOTOTRBO radio and an IP network. It connects to a MOTOTRBO radio using its rear accessory connector. The TurboVUi IP Gateway:

  • Allows you to transmit and receive audio for TurboVUi Clients
  • Has full MOTOTRBO radio control from TurboVUi Clients
  • Has easy menus for setup, status and diagnostics via its LCD display
  • Allows texting among MOTOTRBO portables and TurboVUi IP Clients
  • Includes audio playback for previous 24 hours

TurboVUi Solo Client
The TurboVUi Solo Client is application software that runs on a customer's PC. It presents a virtual MOTOTRBO radio panel to the remote user. The remote user is able to transmit and receive audio, as well as control all radio functions. The TurboVUi Solo Client software provides:

  • Virtual front panel all radio functions and buttons are accessible
  • Drop-down list of short-cuts for radio menu items
  • On-screen push-to-talk button to enable transmit audio
  • On-screen intercom button for Client-to-Client communications
  • Instant replay button to repeat last audio transmission
  • History button to review recent transmissions with connected Remote Client list
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